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GoMotel is the next generation for solutions in temporary living accommodations for the oilfield industry.  Our full service work lodge is second to none. Keeping the worker in mind, we have created a hotel experience in a working lodge setting. Let us handle all your corporate housing needs.

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GoMotel is the next generation of portable living accommodations for the modern business world. We understand that working in an ever-changing business environment, mobility is key. Job sites can move in an instant and business is being conducted in some of America's most distant and rural areas. As new opportunities arise far from home, one core value remains the same in your choice for accommodations, Comfort.

It was on this foundation that GoMotel was created. With mobility and luxury in mind, our portable motel rooms are built to withstand nature's most harsh conditions, while providing the interior living accommodations one would expect to receive in today's hospitality industry. Our units can be used for temporary or long term applications and can easily be transported saving companies' time and money.

With new locations opening soon across small town America, GoMotel is here to make your stay feel a bit more like home.

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